The process of setting up a photography session for your treasured furry pal is easy! 

  • First, contact us by phone or by email. We can discuss what you are looking for... Is this for a gift? Is it for you? Is your dog young and you want to capture that youthful, fun puppiness? Is your dog getting up in years and you want to capture that wise, soulful spirit unique to mature pooches? Is your dog goofy and spirited or laid-back? Whatever your interest, my goal in every shoot is to capture the unique personality of your dog.
  • We then will schedule a date, time and place for the photo session. I do not work out of a studio. I specialize in natural light photos, taken in an outdoor location of your choice. It could be in your yard, a nearby park, the beach, or any number of wonderful locations in our area, but preferably a place where your dog is comfortable and will have fun! 
  • We will meet at our scheduled time. I will first spend a few moments acquainting myself with your dog, and I always bring lots of yummy treats! I will spend approximately an hour and a half hour photographing. I find that, in most cases, dogs tend to tire out and/ or get bored after that amount of time. We'll know when your dog is "done"!
  • After the shoot, within one week, I will post your proofs on an online gallery slideshow. We then can schedule a time to review the photos and prepare your order.
  • After placing your order, I will have your prints ready within two weeks.
  • Please see the "Pricing" page for price and package information.